Active and passive self-ligation Prodigy SL

Who would have thought a bracket could overcome the inherent limitations of active self-ligating appliances by delivering new gains in efficiency, control and predictable results? Now all that and more is possible with Ormco’s all-new Prodigy active-passive self-ligating bracket.

Prodigy SL’s patented design combines the best of both worlds – active and passive – to provide you with enormous flexibility while enabling you to use your preferred treatment mechanics. Choose a combination of active brackets in the anterior for control while benefitting from passive mechanics in the posterior. Or use the entire complement of active SL brackets for all anterior and posterior teeth. Plus, Prodigy SL’s innovative SpinTek™ slide is constructed of Copper Ni-Ti™ for less wear, greater performance reliability and delivery of continuous force. That means more predictable results.

Predictable Control, Continuous Force

  • First active bracket constructed of a Copper Ni-Ti slide that resists deformation, delivering more reliable performance and greater rotational control compared with Voudouris clip designs (Fig. 1 & 2)
  • Constant force without deformation throughout treatment enables consistent wire retention and greater rotational control allowing for faster, more predictable results
  • Innovative bridge design coupled with Copper Ni-Ti slide facilitates lighter forces during early treatment and more rigid forces during finishing phases

Precision Fit, Reliable Bond Strength

  • Patented laser-etched pad provides optimal bond strength and reliability (Fig. 3)
  • Fast, comfortable debonding experience for patients when using the Prodigy SL Debonding Instrument

Fast and Easy Wire Changes

SpinTek slide design employs reciprocal forces during opening – for a net force of 0 kg even with calcium build-up – for fast, comfortable wire changes and adjustments. Voudouris-designed self-ligating brackets require a unidirectional force to open the slide, exerting up to 1.34 kg of pressure that can cause extreme patient discomfort.