Adhesive materials

Grengloo Two-Way Color Change Adhesive

Grengloo is the two-way color change adhesive that revolutionizes metal bracket bonding by combining the strength, flexibility and intelligent features you want for the reliability you demand.

Quick cure when you want it, not when you don't

  • Up to 185% more working time for better placement than other light-cure adhesives under ambient light conditions, affording you more flexibility to place and position brackets, remove flash and begin light curing.
  • Quick-cure polymerization provides greater shear bond strength at initial force loading. When you're ready to cure, Grengloo's quick-cure initiator cures in as little as 5 seconds with a broad-spectrum curing light (e.g., halogen or CoolBeam™ LED) to quickly deliver remarkable strength while reducing chairtime.
  • Faster polymerization than other light-cure adhesives, providing a higher percent of total bond strength at initial force loading.

Blugloo™ is the first and only adhesive that provides color contrast when you need it and is clear when you don’t. Bracket placement and cleanup have never been easier.

Color on demand

The color contrast of Blugloo during bonding facilitates fast, accurate bracket placement and makes it easy to remove unwanted flash. As Blugloo warms to body temperature, the color virtually disappears, remaining clear throughout treatment. When debonding, simply introduce a short blast of cool air or water to lower the bonding surface temperature, and Blugloo turns blue again for easy and thorough cleanup.

Formulated for aesthetic brackets

Blugloo has a unique chemical affinity for today’s high-tech composite brackets such as Damon™ 3, ensuring reliable bond strengths in even the most challenging cases. Blugloo’s advanced formulation and color stability are also exceptional for use with Inspire CE™ and other ceramic brackets.

Superb handling characteristics

Blugloo is formulated with an ideal combination of hybrid filler materials to provide superb handling characteristics. Bracket drift is virtually eliminated and excess adhesive is removed easily.

Generous working time

Blugloo’s chemical properties allow for generous working time under operatory lighting, providing the right amount of time to place and position brackets, remove flash, and begin light curing.


  • Highly filled light-cure adhesive
  • Bis-GMA resin for superb handling characteristics, easy cleaning
  • Highly active initiater system supports reduced cure times
  • Unidose™ and syringe delivery options

Ortho Solo

Sealant and Bond Enhancer

Is a universal sealant and bond enhancer. With light-cure and paste-paste systems, Ortho Solo replaces the sealant. With no-mix chemical cure systems, Ortho Solo should be used in addition to the activator for best results. Ortho Solo incorporates a bond-enhancing property that improves adhesion to the tooth at the adhesive interface, hence reducing bond failures. The glass filler, unique to Ortho Solo, acts as a stress and shock absorber, preventing cracks that can lead to bond failures. With Ortho Solo, no air-dry or light-cure step is needed, thereby saving valuable chair time. It also includes a compound that displaces moisture, making the technique more forgiving when a dry field is inadvertently compromised.


Porcelain Primer

Porcelain Primer permits bonding versatility with patients having bridgework or crowns. May be used with all metal,ceramic or plastic brackets. Complete instructions are included.

System 1+

A Superior No-mix System with Bond Strength Equal to Traditional Two-paste Systems.

The urethane-modified dimethacrylate resin produces a refined molecular structure that results in a tougher, less-brittle polymer, providing added bond strength, high-tack paste and cleaner debonding procedures.

  • No mixing, improves chairtime efficiency
  • High-tack paste minimizes bracket drift
  • Wires can be placed in as little as five minutes after bonding
  • Adheres firmly to acrylic veneers and composite restorations as well as enamel
  • Two convenient dispensing packages (jar or preloaded syringe) to suit your personal preference.