Vestibular braces

Quality and Value In Every Twin We Make

American company Ormco produces many different types of braces. Braces of this company, recognized as one of the most reliable, high-quality and effective in the treatment of various orthodontic abnormalities. This production is made by a brand new modern technology and is thoroughly checked and tested in the treatment area.

  1. Metal braces Ormco. Sturdy and little traumatic for cheeks and lips, well kept on the patient's teeth.
  2. Titanium braces Orthos Titanium 2. Most biocompatible braces, do not contain allergic metal nickel.
  3. Transparent braces Ormco (plastic, sapphire). Considered as the most transparent of all the known bracket systems. The drawback of such braces - increased fragility, so construction complemented by more robust composite materials.
  4. Lingual braces Ormco. Is extremely economical treatment of bite, especially so-called "deep bite." The construction of these braces combines the advantages of metal braces and bite plate. Fixation of lingual braces on the lingual surface of patient's teeth is used by method of indirect fixation with special paralleling mandrel.
  5. Self- ligating braces Ormco. This is a new braces without ligatures, which allows to significantly reduce the course of treatment.

All types of braces Ormco well attached to the teeth without causing any damage. Moreover, the beneficial effects on teeth for fixing the material, which contains fluorine. In modeling braces Ormco, uses the latest computer technology. Using a digital mapping of braces can imagine the initial form of the dental arch in two dimensions on the screen and simulate the movement of the tooth for ideal position.

The Clear Choice for Performance in Aesthetics

Inspire ICE clear brackets are an invaluable product for orthodontists who want an aesthetic solution for their practices, one that will deliver superb results for patients in need of mild, moderate or significant tooth movement and unprecedented treatment control.

Crystal Clear

Unlike ceramic brackets that are opaque and colored to mimic a particular tooth shade, Inspire ICE™ brackets are crystal clear and virtually disappear regardless of tooth shade. The only completely transparent bracket on the market, Inspire ICE is the only true aesthetic solution for ALL patients.

Maximum tie-wing strength

Advances in heat-treatment technology allow us to produce brackets that are twice as resistant to breakage than other ceramic appliances. Torque strength is nearly three times that of other ceramic brackets such as Clarity™†.

Excellent sliding mechanics - without a metal slot

Inspire ICE has an ultra-smooth, heat-polished surface that dramatically reduces friction. Laboratory tests prove the frictional resistance of Inspire ICE to be better than ceramic brackets with a metal slot insert. Note: Testing performed with .017 x .025 Copper Ni-Ti® archwire in .018 slot brackets.

Easy to debond

Inspire Ice utilizes Ormco’s patented ball-base technology, which reduces the force required to debond. A simplified debonding procedure ensures that brackets come off easily and consistently – simply engage the Inspire ICE debonding instrument under the tie-wing area and pivot the instrument toward the occlusal/incisal edge.

Smooth and comfortable

Inspire ICE is the lowest profile ceramic bracket on the market and is manufactured with an innovative boron tumbling process that provides a smooth surface and rounded facial contours to greatly enhance patient comfort.

Fast, accurate placement

Ormco’s rhomboid shape, tooth-specific pad contours and unique Face Paint™ system for bracket-to-tooth contrast provide fast, accurate bracket placement. New lower bicuspid brackets offer patients a complete 20-unit aesthetic option.

As a pure Straight-Wire® Appliance and a true twin bracket, Inspire ICE may be combined with any other Straight-Wire bracket within the arch without compromising treatment.

Straight-Wire Appliances

Straight-Wire Appliances are all founded in the original principles of Dr. Andrews. That means that any A+ Straight-Wire Appliance is built upon three key Andrews principles: compound bracket contours, torque-in-base and level slot lineup. These design principles are interrelated and fundamental to the requirements of any Straight-Wire Appliance. And since all Straight-Wire Appliances share these principles, they are fully interchangeable.

Compound Contour Design

Mirrors both the mesiodistal and the occlusogingival anatomy of the middle third of every tooth’s clinical crown. This allows every Straight-Wire Appliance to fit snugly on the tooth for maximum efficiency. Compound contours greatly enhance accurate bracket placement on the center of the crown.

Level Slot Lineup

The end result of compound contours, torque-in-base and accurate bracket placement. The Straight-Wire Appliance is the only appliance that assures you that the slot of the bracket will always be parallel to the occlusal plane of the arch.


The key to uniformity of Straight-Wire bracket placement, ensuring high levels of predictability and accuracy in result. With every Straight-Wire Appliance, the center of the slot and the center of the base are always on the same plane for consistent and easy bracket placement.

Fully Programmed SWA

Genuine Straight-Wire Appliance brackets are fully programmed so that each tooth’s bracket slot lines up horizontally with all others to eliminate the need for time-consuming wire bends.

Partially Programmed Appliance

Even when attempts are made to align the slots of partially programmed brackets horizontally, the bracket heights vary from anterior to posterior, resulting in inconsistent and unpredictable torque and in/out compensation.

Brackets MINI 2000

From the proven industry leader in quality orthodontic products comes an appliance that combines strength and reliability with the price that’s affordable. The MINI 2000 is an ideally-sized bracket, with rotational control that’s clinically efficient for you and a small size that’s aesthetically pleasing to our patients. It’s countered base, 100 gauge mesh and for-color identification system make it effortless to use and easy to depend on. Introducing MINI 2000 from Ormco… quality and reliability at a price that fits everyone’s budget.

  1. MINI 2000- braces are the perfect size for 30% less than standard full-size bracket. Their efficacy is not inferior to full length braces, allowing orthodontist to have full control of rotation of the tooth. This technique is clinically effective for orthodontic treatment.
  2. Rounded shape and a smaller size is responsible for the maximum hygiene, comfort and aesthetics of the patient.
  3. Cushion design - is foundation of the bracket, which is created by the engraving, and is a mesh of 80 cells, by which the brackets are well retained on surface of the teeth. They are fixed by any composite material and removed without damaging tooth enamel.
  4. Relief base and colored marking of braces make them easy to use.

For premolars and canines are provided Solid hooks.

Mini Diamond Twin

The Mini Diamond was developed in response to a patient need for a more aesthetic bracket. The Mini Diamond reflects years of research and development. The goal was to improve aesthetics by miniaturizing the bracket with no compromise in function.

Mini Diamonds offer the same benefits in regard to accurate bracket placement as their traditional counterparts plus:

  • Improved aesthetics and hygiene with a 30% reduction in overall bracket size.
  • Improved patient comfort with enhanced facial contours.
  • Improved utility with refined Hemi Hooks and permanent I.D. marking system.
  • Confidence in performance. The Mini Diamond is made from a stronger grade of stainless steel than traditional brackets. The result is smaller brackets that don’t compromise strength.


Marking System

  • All brackets are color-coded by quadrant.
    Upper right – Blue Upper left – Black
    Lower right – Red Lower left – Yellow
  • The dimple or paint mark is on the distogingival tie-wing unless otherwise noted.
  • Upper and lower 2nd bicuspids have dimples/paint on both gingival tie-wings.
  • Upper centrals are wider than upper laterals.
  • The lower laterals, cuspids and bicuspids also feature a scribe line on the occlusal tie-wing.
  • Because of the specificity of the Orthos appliance, there are no universal brackets.
  • Orthos lower laterals with CIS have a permanent I.D. dot on the distogingival tie-wing, with the appropriate color.

Straight-Wire Synthesis

Traditional Straight-Wire Features

Compound Contour for Snug Fit

Each Synthesis bracket is designed with tooth-specific contours in the base. These contours mirror the anatomy of the middle third of each tooth to ensure accurate placement and snug fit.

Torque-in-Base for Accurate Placement

With the Synthesis appliance, the center of the slot and the center of the base are always on the same plane. Torque-in-the-base ensures consistent, reliable placement and makes level slot lineup possible.

Level Slot Lineup for Less Wire Bending

With the Synthesis appliance, the slot of the bracket will always be parallel to the occlusal plane of the arch, eliminating time-consuming wire bends.

Proven Enhancements

Rhomboid Design for Easier Placement

The rhomboid bracket and pad design, incorporated throughout the Synthesis System, provides numerous references for easier bracket placement. The horizontal aspects align parallel to the occlusal plane and the vertical aspects align parallel to the crown-long axis of each tooth. These visual cues make bracket placement more precise.

Optimesh® XRT for Improved Bond Retention

Optimesh XRT is a feature in all Synthesis brackets. It’s a treated 100- gauge mesh that creates additional undercuts and is proven to increase bond strengths up to 35%.

Functionality with Aesthetics

Synthesis is specifically engineered to combine the rotational control of the Straight-Wire ® appliance with the aesthetics of the Mini-Twin™ in applicable brackets.

For your convenience and ease-of-use, we have maintained the traditional Straight-Wire color identification on the distogingival tie-wing and the letter marking on the bracket.

Titanium Orthos

Unmatched Bond Retention

With a chemical affinity to adhesives and greater shock absorbency, Titanium Orthos has up to 85% fewer bond failures. Click here to review a recent study by

Dr. David Sarver. Ins and outs of Orthos®

What do you get when you combine the most precise bracket system with the proven material benefits of titanium?

New and improved Titanium Orthos — the finest straightwire twin appliance on the market that improves every aspect of conventional straightwire treatment from start to finish.

Orthos, the first computer-engineered coordinated system of brackets and wires, was designed to eliminate the common challenges of everyday treatment. Precision bracket geometries and a coordinated arch form reduce the need for compensating wire bends and deliver quality results from crown to root tip.