Arcs Damon

All Damon Copper Ni-Ti cross-sections come with archwire stops, pre-loaded, for your convenience. Stops are easily crimped with arch-bending,How or Weingart pliers.

A revolutionary collection of arches from Damon ORMCO and their sequence of the four phases is a key component of the Damon System and provides high quality of clinical results and increases efficiency of the treatment.

This shape was designed by Dr. Dwight Damon in accordance with the following principles:

  • A lovely smile needs six anterior teeth to be positioned correctly and the premolars and the mesiobuccal surface of the first molar to be clearly visible.
  • The arc shape should avoid the Black Corner Syndrome in the lower sectors.
  • What is more, this shape should meticulously follow the gnathological principles and promote dental function.

When combined with the new generation of Damon passive self-ligating brackets and the arc sequences inherent to this system, this arc shape increases the no-extraction treatment options.

Ni-Ti ®– Pre-Torqued

Superb wires for division 2 cases where intrusion and additional torque are indicated. Wires have 20º of anterior torque built in at 34 mm and 38 mm lengths.

  • The arc can have reversible bend (Reverse Curve) on the curve of Spee or can be flat.
  • The length of the arc coated with 20 ° Tork, marked on the package and can be 34 or 38 mm.
  • Should be selected a suitable size arc by measuring with a flexible ruler, distance from the contact point between the lateral incisors and canines from the one side to the same point.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel arches having the form of Damon. Available in two versions: with and without soldered hooks.

On the arc is soldered two hooks which when installed in the mouth their should be placed between the lateral incisor and the canine from the both sides.

Low-Friction and Colored TMA®

If sliding mechanics and minimum friction are your goals, then you will appreciate the benefits of Low-Friction and Colored Low-Friction TMA. TMA colors also offer patients exciting new looks.