In September 2013, company 3D CEPH was participated in the framework of the 19-th International specialized exhibition "MOLDMEDIZIN & MOLDDENT" held at "Moldexpo".

Our company 3D CEPH SRL - which is the official dealer of Ormco in Moldova, first was able to represent a wide range of orthodontic products and solutions to enhance the professional growth in orthodontics. Especially self-ligating braces Damon System - as an effective treatment for the occlusion of patients of any age. This is an absolute innovation in orthodontics! The exhibition was held successfully and our stand visited a huge number of doctors - orthodontists, residents of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy. N.Testemiţanu. And also doctors of various public health centers and private dentists. On behalf of the organizers of the exhibition, our company was awarded a diploma. We are planning with pleasure in the future also to participate in the 20-th International specialized exhibition "MOLDMEDIZIN & MOLDDENT", which will be held from 9 to 12 September 2014 within the framework of health days in Moldexpo.

3D CEPH SRL - ORMCO. Your practice. Our priority.

3D CEPH SRL company is the official dealer of ORMCO in Moldova. ORMCO is a leading company, which provides orthodontic products of high quality for more than 50 years. The Company builds relationships based on trust with orthodontists worldwide, provides innovative technology which helps to grow in their professional activities.

The ORMCO Company is committed in helping orthodontists to achieve the best results in their clinical practice. Ormco developed and launched brackets system - Damon System worldwide.

This is an absolute innovation for the treatment in the alignment of the teeth.The brackets system - Damon System uses passive sliding mechanism holding the arch in the brackets. The low friction and gluing of it, allows correcting the position of the teeth, fast and painless.

The Orthodontists are using this technology around the world. It can be applied to all ages. The period of the treatment is usually shorter than using the traditional brackets.

Ormco, also provides the CuNi-Ti arch that is a high quality product which has the property in maintaining the form of the tooth’s crown. The clinically proven treatment allows you to align the teeth and improve the aesthetics of the face, usually without any extractions or use of the palatal expanders.

All of this is used for the patient’s benefits!

The benefits of the treatment using the Damon System are:

  • Painless treatment
  • In many cases without removing the individual tooth
  • The treatment period is 7 months shorter
  • Comfortable wearing braces; it is easier to brush the teeth
  • Exceptional results in short terms with great smiles and facial aesthetics.

The ORMCO Company also releases additional materials to the brackets, such as:

  • Adhesive
  • Locks, rings
  • CuNi-Ti Arches
  • Lingual buttons
  • Elastics etc.

ORMCO technique produces both vestibular and lingual technique (STB), and in 2012 released a new digital technology – Insignia, using (CAD / CAM).

With Ormco, you can be sure from the first steps!