History ORMCO

Ormco has a distinguished 50+ year history of providing the orthodontic profession with high quality, innovative products backed by attentive customer service and educational support. Our pledge to you, our valued customers, is to continue to provide you with the products and services that you need and want – products that make the orthodontic experience a great one for you, your staff and your patients.

Ormco Europe Fact and Dates

In 1992 Ormco Europe started as being part of the dental division of Johnson & Johnson Medical who used to be located in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

In 1994 this dental division divested from Johnson & Johnson Medical creating a new company which was called A Company Europe (ACE), and during that same year Ormco GmbH was integrated. ACE, is still used today as the abbreviation for Ormco Europe.

In 1998 Ormco Europe merged with Ormco AG and with this merge A Company changed its name to Ormco B.V. Ormco Europe is officially called Ormco B.V. in the Netherlands and Ormco Europe B.V. in all other European countries where we have a permanent establishment.

In 2006 Ormco B.V. changed address and moved to our current office in Basicweg which is still located in Amersfoort, and in May of the same Ormco B.V. was integrated to the Danaher Corporation.

Our office in Amersfoort is the European Head Office and distribution center for orthodontic and endodontic products. We deliver our products throughout Europe and part of the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Ormco Europe has approximately 85 employees in Amersfoort and and approximately 65 employees more in sales positions within different European countries where Ormco sells direct to the end-users/orthodontists.