Lingual system

The demand for lingual orthodontics has been driven by people seeking a beautiful smile without the obvious appearance of metal or ceramic braces.

The light-force mechanics of the STb Light Lingual System are designed to decrease the stress of tooth movement, making treatment far gentler. In most cases, a full TARG or CLASS setup is not required, simplifying and reducing costs typically associated with lingual cases. Indirect bonding application can be fabricated in your own practice or by AOA laboratory.

Utilizing passive ligation, STb Light Lingual dramatically reduces friction and forces allowing teeth to move freely with exceptional efficiency. It’s lingual like you’ve never seen it before.

  • Low-force, low-friction mechanics for faster, gentler tooth movement
  • Maximum patient comfort with minimal impact on speech
  • Predictable high-quality results
  • Eliminates compliance issues and misplaced aligners
  • Low bracket profile at 1.5mm and rounded design provides maximum comfort
  • Most cases without TARG or CLASS set-up


STb brackets are designed to provide maximum patient comfort making treatment far more gentle to the tissues. STb has minimal impact on tongue position and speech.

  • Reduced dimension
  • The lowest bracket profile
  • Maximum patient comfort
  • Maintains oral hygiene
  • No impact on speech


The STb System utilizes a new passive ligation design that dramatically reduces friction. Low friction and light forces have been shown to move teeth with exceptional effi ciency.


Reduced appointments and shorter treatment time. Minimal disruption to your daily life.


Predictable high quality results in the shortest time possible.