Bands and Crowns

Quality and Value In Every Twin We Make

Precision Placement

Through years of research with computer-aided engineering technology, Ormco has refined the placement of all buccal tubes specific to each type of band we offer.

The benefits to you include:

  • The truest expression of the geometries built into every buccal tube.
  • Precision placement takes into account all the variables: band size, buccal tube dimensions and prescription.

Prewelding Services

Ormco bands can be prewelded in “standard weld position” or “custom weld position,” described and illustrated below.

Standard Weld Position

The drawings below provide an overview of the various standard positions and illustrate the attachment welded at 0° angulation to the band (the bracket slot will be parallel to the occlusal edge of the band).

Custom Weld Position

Custom assemblies are Ormco brackets and bands prewelded in other than standard position. If you need a custom placement, indicate direction and amount of change from standard (e.g., 0.5 mm more occlusal). If specifying a custom angulation, indicate a plus (+) for distal root tip or a minus (-) for mesial root tip. If no position criterion is provided on the order, it will be welded in the standard position. Custom items are not returnable.

Accent Mini

Accent Mini is an affordable, low-profile buccal tube that is easy to place and fits securely on first and second molars while providing outstanding patient comfort. With enhanced features such as a bendable "J" hook, flared mesial slot opening and distal extension, Accent Mini helps doctors provide better clinical management while using their preferred treatment mechanics.

  1. Contoured, low profile design for a precision fit with less occlusal interference and greater patient comfort
  2. Single–piece with patented laser-etched base for optimal bond strength and reliability
  3. Scribe line for accurate bracket placement and precision finishing
  4. Flared mesial slot opening for easy wire changes
  5. Bendable "J" hook for greater elastic retention and patient comfort
  6. Scaler notch along the M–D length for easy adhesive loading and angulation adjustments
  7. Purchase point for easier holding with tweezers or bracket holders
  8. "T" hook on lower first molar for elastic retention and patient comfort
  9. Available in Damon® System and MBT* prescriptions

Titanium Orthos 2

ubes for gluing on the molars, combines the advantages of titanium and recent advances in the technology of the buccal tubes:

  • The high reliability through the enlarged base, dampening properties and good wettability of titanium.
  • Accented (extended) input into the groove, as in buccal tubes type of Accent.
  • Special cavity to facilitate retention of the tube at fixing.
  • Identification point on the vestibular surface.
  • Comfortable smooth contoured design, reducing occlusal interference.