Combining Artistic Design with Precision Engineering

Insignia is an integrated system of 3-D digital orthodontics with custom appliances for a truly all-inclusive solution. Insignia allows you to combine your treatment strategy with the precision of computer-aided smile design to give every patient an optimal occlusion and smile arc specifically proportioned to their unique facial features. Insignia can make difficult cases more manageable and routine cases exceptional.

  • Multiple data points design accurate 3-D models
  • Approver software puts control and precision in your hands
  • Patient-specific brackets built with the end-result in mind, provide maximum clinical efficiency
  • Custom wires result in fewer finishing appointments
  • Precision placement guides minimize mid-treatment adjustments

A culmination of decades of research and innovation

Insignia uses advanced algorithms in combination with PVS impressions to create a 3-D virtual model of the patient’s anatomy. With Insignia, you have complete control of each case. Although an initial suggested course of treatment is provided through the Approver software, you are able to view each tooth in great detail- Multiple views and rotations allow you to perfect each case and make cosmetic adjustments to create a truly unique smile.



Insignia is the only treatment system that delivers a complete custom solution

based on the treatment you design and approve; patient-specific brackets and wires are fabricated to reach your desired occlusion. Precision placement guides are developed to place brackets in the precise position required to optimally obtain the desired results in less time.

  • User friendly software to treatment plan and visualize the end result
  • Tailor-made appliances reduce mid-treatment adjustments and deliver precise, predictable finishes
  • Time-consuming procedures (bracket bonding) may be administered by staff members allowing you to focus on diagnostics and treatment planning
  • No start-up, licensing or inventory costs