Orthodontic instruments


Slim Ligature Cutter
Slim tip design to provide easier intraoral accessibility.Maximum cutting capacity is .015 soft ligature wire.

Slim Weingart Utility Plier
Designed with a tapered 20° tip offers greater intraoral access and versatility..

Ezcurra Pin & Ligature Cutter Long Handle
These solid chrominum molybdenum stainless steel cutters are constructed for better stability and resistance.
It is devised for cutting soft wire pints and ligature wires up to 0.12” (.30mm), it’s slim profile provides easy access to confined areas.

Distal End Cutter
A An exceptional universal cutter designed to cut distal ends very close to the end of the buccal tube for all types of wires. Maximum cutting capacity: archwires up to .021 x 0.25 (.53mmx .64mm).

Long Handle Universal Cutter w/Hold
The flush cut feature of this instrument allows the archwire to be cut with flush with a buccal tube surface. When used intraorally it safely holds the cut portion to be discarded. Patient comfort is enhanced by the smooth, tapered tip. Can easily cut all types of wires ranging from .012” (.30 mm) to .021” x .025” (.53 mm x .64 mm)

15 Degree Micro Mini Ligature Cutter
The 15° angled offset tip with ultra slim profile is a plus in the most difficult to access areas. Designed to cut soft wire pins and ligature wires up to .012” (.30 mm)

SpinTek Opening Instrument
For use only with Damon Q and Damon Clear brackets as well as SnapLink buccal tubes.

Damon Cool Tool
Used to fully seat the archwire in the archwire slot. It also allows for the placement of torque in the archwire (not shown).

Tweed Loop Forming Pliers
Loop forming pliers that create bull and helical loops on wires up to .022” x .025” (.53 mm x .64 mm). These pliers have a precision cylindrical beak and one concave beak as well as a .045”, .060”, and .075” (1.14 mm, 1.52 mm, and 1.91 mm) diameter.

Wick Bracket Height Gauges
Bracket height-measuring gauge set for accurate measurement at 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm, and 5.0 mm from incisal edge bar to bracket locator blade.

SpinTek Opening/Closing Instrument
For use only with Damon Q and Damon Clear brackets as well as SnapLink buccal tubes..

Angulated Bracket Remover
With blades made of cobalt steel, this plier is designed to effectively remove all bracket styles from anterior and posterior teeth without damaging the bracket wings

Torquing Pliers with Key .018” / .022”
These torqueing pliers are designed to place torque in a specific section of the archwire without distortion to adjacent sections of the wire. The pliers are accompanied with a .016”/.018” key.

Hilgers Intraoral Arch Bending Plier
Dual tip design allows for both left and right step bends. This instrument eliminates the time-consuming archwire removal normally required. Tips are at a 90° angle from handles to increase intraoral accessibility