Quality and Value In Every Twin We Make

American company Ormco produces many different types of braces. Braces of this company, recognized as one of the most reliable, high-quality and effective in the treatment of various orthodontic abnormalities. This production is made by a brand new modern technology and is thoroughly checked and tested in the treatment area.

  1. Metal braces Ormco. Sturdy and little traumatic for cheeks and lips, well kept on the patient's teeth.
  2. Titanium braces Orthos Titanium 2. Most biocompatible braces, do not contain allergic metal nickel.
  3. Transparent braces Ormco (plastic, sapphire). Considered as the most transparent of all the known bracket systems. The drawback of such braces - increased fragility, so construction complemented by more robust composite materials.
  4. Lingual braces Ormco. Is extremely economical treatment of bite, especially so-called "deep bite." The construction of these braces combines the advantages of metal braces and bite plate. Fixation of lingual braces on the lingual surface of patient's teeth is used by method of indirect fixation with special paralleling mandrel.
  5. Self- ligating braces Ormco. This is a new braces without ligatures, which allows to significantly reduce the course of treatment.

All types of braces Ormco well attached to the teeth without causing any damage. Moreover, the beneficial effects on teeth for fixing the material, which contains fluorine. In modeling braces Ormco, uses the latest computer technology. Using a digital mapping of braces can imagine the initial form of the dental arch in two dimensions on the screen and simulate the movement of the tooth for ideal position.