School ORMCO

We are pleased to announce that we are first country of the former CIS, which opened a branch School Orthodontics Ormco in Moldova, where anyone beginner orthodontist or experienced doctor can obtain all necessary information and learn the news, and various effective methods for the application of technology companies ORMCO!

Beginner orthodontist ( resident or doctor) has always experienced a certain uncertainty which deal with deficiencies knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, basic education is not always allow to get all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for the independent work.

Ormco Corporation strives not only to sell products in Moldova, but also constantly improve the quality of its application.

Since 2013, our company Ormco started to implement unparalleled support system for beginners orthodontists and experienced doctors.

Essence of the program - not just to conduct seminars, as well provide ongoing support to novice doctors in the first years of its operation.

With support official representative in St. Petersburg ORMCO "Dental Complex" in Chisinau, has successfully passed Level 1 - School Orthodontics under the guidance of the lecturer - Sergey Tikhonov. We are very excited that company "Dental Complex" has agreed to cooperate with us. Together, we will try to make the course most informative and convenient for you.

Now anyone beginner orthodontist or experienced doctor can find out more about company Ormco, familiarize with assortment of products offered by our company 3D CEPH SRL - which is official dealer of Ormco in Moldova.

What is included in support system for orthodontist?


  1. Four training cycles (levels 1A, 1B, 2, and 3) total duration of 128 hours.
  2. Registration on the website system with access to all information resources.
  3. Possibility of participation in the webinar (mini-seminars with the broadcast via the internet)
  4. Possibility of consultations «on-line» (questions, discussion of the treatment plan and others.) 2 times a month.
  5. Ability to view the clinical orthodontists meetings with discussion of treatment plans, tactics in different clinical situations.
  6. Participation in voluntary certification system to obtain certificate of the Association Orthodontics Ormco and subsequent inclusion of the doctor in attracting patients.

What is the certificate of the Association Orthodontics quality Ormco?

Association quality Orthodontics Ormco - is a nongovernmental system designed to unite all doctors who working with company Ormco and aspiring to follow in their work highest standards of quality. School Ormco Orthodontics involves conducting training cycles at different levels, webinars and online consultations for 2 years.

At the end of each of these cycles is conducted voluntary testingin which result listeners gaining some points. At the end of the four cycles in the case of a passing score on the test results doctor becomes a member of the Association and he receives the certificate.

Association Certificate of quality Orthodontics Ormco in any case not replace the state certificate, but gives to doctor a number of significant advantages:

  • advantages in employment;
  • loyalty from patients;
  • respect from colleagues;
  • special conditions on seminars conducted by Ormco.