2nd level training systems OF SCHOOL ORTHODONTICS ORMCO

The four-day series of seminars
AV Tikhonov

"Proper use of Damon in orthodontic practice: from understanding the principles of operation until the closing stages of the treatment". Universal principles of non-removable appliances of direct arc and accurate, logical, proven experience recommendations on stages of treatment with using a passive self-ligation.»

«Remembering information from the times of the beginning of my orthodontic career, I was very glad that in a few days we can available to inform our colleagues what we collect the bits of books and dozens of Western seminars .»

Andrei Tikhonov

Lecturer : Andrey Tikhonov

Orthodontist and consultant how to use of application orthodontic products company "Dental Complex." Member of several international orthodontic conferences, including the International Symposium Damon Monaco, Madrid and Damon Forum in Phoenix (USA), the Congress of the World Society of Orthodontists in Sydney and other international conventions. Worked on probation with Dr. Fillon (Paris) Skuzzo (Rome). Periodically conducts training seminars for doctors in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and gave lectures in dozens of Russian cities. Author of articles and textbooks. Assistant of the Department of Orthodontics "SZGMU them. Mechnikov (formerly St. Petersburg MAPS)." Certified European lecturer on the subject of «Damon System». Experience with the Damon System - c 2004. Experience in orthodontics - since 2001.

Date: 11 - 14 December 2014
Location: Chisinau, Hotel "Jazz", street Vl. Parcalab 72

Registration and information by phone: +37379990089, 220-770 022 or e-mail: contact - Manager Diana. And also you can register through the website - (heading Training Center).

School of Orthodontics ORMCO in Moldova held Seminar 1st level 1A and 1B cycles.

Lecturer : Andrey Tikhonov

Orthodontist, consultant in application of orthodontic products Ormco. Participant of international congresses in England (London, ESLO 2010) and the USA (Chicago, AAO 2011, Damon Forum 2012 Phoenix), Ormco Symposium 2012 (Cannes),

Number of participants - not more than 20 people to provide quality training and individual approach to each participant on practical exercises. And also have been provided for materials for workout. Education was consists of 4 days and included theoretical and practical part where everyone was able to get the full knowledge.